Dr. Lezlie Maloy

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Lezlie Maloy, DC is the new team doctor of Team Imagine Sports. She is the owner and director of Spring Valley Chiropractic. By teaming up with Dr. Maloy and SVC, Team Imagine Sports athletes receive additional benefits and services to assist our athletic achievements.

Dr. Maloy is a certified ART (active release technique) provider and a member of the ART Ironman Provider Network.

She is continuing to further her knowledge and experience by bringing Chiropractic and ART to athletic events at home and away. While on the sports medicine teams at the 2008 Ford Ironman Florida, the 2009 Ford Ironman Louisville Triathlon and the 2010 Ford Ironman St. George Triathlon she treated thousands of competitors including both age-group and professional triathletes. She is set to work the inaugural 2011 Memorial Herman Ironman Texas to be held in The Woodlands in May of 2011.


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