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Black Package

$250.00 per Month for 6 more Months.


For Ironman and Half Ironman Triathlons (Online coaching is also available) Imagine an experience that will take you to the next level. The BLACK PACKAGE is about taking you beyond your goals, and fulfilling your dreams with strategic gains in your fitness level.

Red Package

$200.00 per Month for 3 more Months.


For Olympic and Sprint Triathlons (Online coaching is available) Imagine an opportunity to move forward in your fitness goals. The RED PACKAGE is a step-by-step experience focused on being successful and ultimately helping you obtain your triathlon goals.

White Package

$150.00 per Month for 3 more Months.


For Beginner Triathlete (Online coaching is available) Imagine a smooth transition into becoming a triathlete with a progressive build up in fitness level. The WHITE PACKAGE is your beginning to achieving your goals. This is recommended for beginner triathlete.

Race Specific


A full training plan specifically designed for a designated race. Individuals can pay a set single fee for the full plan. The plan is specific as to distances, times, days and even regular correspondence with Coach Soria is included. These training plans were created to help the every-day athlete coordinate workouts and complete their goal.


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